for Green Line Extension Project

Please check back for upcoming contractor opportunities.


Opportunity 1

Design/construction role with experience in Mechanical-Electrical-Plumbing vertical construction experience and coordination. Must be able to read and review design plans, act as coordinator between design and construction teams to address issues and timely resolution, and provide document support. This role will be based out of project office and is suggested as potential three (3) days per week with potential of full time commitment.

Opportunity 2

Incorporating construction redlines into as-built PDF drawings. Targeted full time positions: two (2) employees for initial three (3) months, then one (1) for the remainder of the project.

If your firm provides these materials and/or services and would like to be considered, please submit your Notice of Interest (NOI) by the due date above.

Once your NOI is submitted, you will receive an email confirmation.

Alexandra Cann, GLXC DBE Program Administrator, will follow up with interested firms on next steps to get involved. She can be contacted at:

Thank you for your interest,